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Powered by 360Training / Learn2Serve our online partner, we have offered alcohol and food safety certification training to hard working people just like you since 2003

food manager certification

Food Manager

Click Start Here to transfer to our companion website FoodManagerOnline $65 to $121

food handler certification

Food Handler

Click Start Here to transfer to ANSI Food Handler Certification class for your home state English / Spanish $8.99

food allergen certification

Food Allergy English

Click Start Here for the Food Allergy Certification page for state specific certification $15

tobacco seller training

Tobacco Seller Training

Click Start Here for the Tobacco Seller Certification Training Course for any state $8.95

food allergen certification

Food Allergy Spanish

Click Start Here for the Food Allergy Certification page for state specific certification $15

underground storage tank training

Underground Storage Tank Training

Click Start Here for Underground Storage Tank Training Catalog for each state $10 to $150


Why so many choose us for Alcohol Responsible Beverage Server Training

Save Money

Many of us have worked in the food & beverage industry so we know how hard you work to earn your money

Save Time

Finding time to take these courses is difficult. Our Courses & Exams are virtually trouble free which saves you more time

Customer Service

Our clients rarely have any problems, but if you do, we are here to help you by Phone 1(877) 881-2235 or Help

What does Dram Shop mean?

The word Dram comes from an old English word for a measurement of alcohol usually about 1/8 th of an oz. The business that sold drams was called a dram shop. Much like a business that sold shoes was called a shoe shop, meat butcher shop etc. In modern times the words dram shop acts or dram shop laws refer to alcohol liability laws.

Dram Shop laws can differ in each state with some being more complex than others, but they all basically mean that if a business sells alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person who causes damages and injuries, that business owner and sometimes the employee who sold the alcohol can be sued in civil court. Our Responsible Beverage Service Training courses will train you in the liability that applies to your particular state. However, to understand even more about your states' Dram Shop laws it is best practice to consult an attorney in your home state.

About Us

We began in 1998 as a training company that conducted live TABC Certification in Texas way back before anyone even heard of taking online classes. We have an extensive background in the food and beverage industry. In 2003 we formed a partnership with 360Training /learn2Serve. We offer online Responsible Beverage Service Training, Food Manager Certification, Food Handler Training,  and Underground Storage Tank (UST) training in every state. Quality courses and top notch customer service is our mission statement. We thank you for choosing us.
Thomas L. Conrad
President / CEO

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