Arizona Title 4 Liquor Law Certification Training

DLLC Approved Title 4 Manager and Basic Alcohol Training Certification

Arizona Title 4 Alcohol Server - Seller

Manager & Basic Training On and Off Premise

How to get or renew your Arizona Liquor Certification Title 4 Training for Managers or Basic

  1. First make your course choice. After clicking Enroll Now, we will transfer you to the Arizona Title 4 enrollment page.
  2. After you have enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email from Learn2Serve with your chosen username and password along with the course and exam instructions
  3. The Title 4 Basic and Manager Course and the Food Handler Course are self-paced. However, once you start the exam you must finish it without logging out.
  4. After you pass the exam, you may then print your 3 year Title 4 Certificate and or 3 year ANSI Food Handler Certificate.
  5. Learn2Serve will send your course completion information to the DLLC and or local county health department as required.

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How old do you have to be to get Title 4 Seller Server Training in Arizona? Is Title 4 Certification for alcohol awareness mandatory?

  • It is not mandatory in Arizona for employees of licensed alcohol businesses to have a Certificate of Completion for Basic Title 4 Training. However, most employers require it for liability and insurance purposes.
  • A Title 4 Basic Certificate of Completion is mandatory along with a Title 4 Management Certificate of Completion for all Owners, Agents, and Managers who participate in the daily operations of the licensed business
  • If you choose to renew your Certificate of Completion, You must take the AZ Title 4 ( liquor license )Training Course and Exam after 3 years
  • To be a bartender or server at an on-premise establishment (bars, restaurants, sports venues, hotels, etc) you must be 19 years or older to serve liquor, beer, wine, or other alcohol beverages
  • You can be 16 years of age to checkout (cash register) package or help customers with carry-out service under the supervision of someone 18 years of age or older.

If you need your ANSI-CFP accredited Food Manager Certification for Arizona, you can get it here at our companion website

Arizona Title 4 Seller Server Course Topics

Alcohol laws dealing with minors • Liquor Serving Laws concerning intoxicated persons • Why I need my Title 4 Liquor License Training • Preventing Intoxication • Arizona Dram Shop Act •  Identifying minors •How to examine identification and spotting fake ID • Covert Underage Buyer Program (CUB) • What to do when intervention attempts fail •Alcohol effects on the body • DLLC law enforcement and enforcement operations • Alcohol poisoning • Sexual assault drugs

Arizona ANSI Accredited Food Handler Topics

General overview of food safety •Who enforces food safety • Identifying food-borne illness and what causes it• Why I need Arizona ANSI – Accredited Food Handler • Identifying biological, physical, and chemical contamination • Importance of temperature control • Proper personal hygiene •Appropriate procedures for receiving and storing food • Proper cleaning and sanitation

AZ DLLC Contact Title 4 Information

Arizona DLLC
800 W. Washington, 5th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007
DLLC Website 

Arizona Department of Health Services

Arizona DHS
150 North 18th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone:  (916) 558-1784

Dram Shop School is one of the nation’s first classroom Alcohol Seller Server training programs. We have trained thousands of bartenders, food servers, liquor and grocery store clerks, wineries, among other alcohol sellers and servers in Arizona and nationwide. We have many years of experience in all aspects of the food and beverage industry from dishwasher to restaurant owner.

In 2003 we formed an official partnership with 360training / Learn2Serve in order to offer online Alcohol Seller Server Certification training in Arizona and nationwide.

We also provide Food Handler Certification in English and Spanish and Arizona Title 4 Certification Training and ANSI-accredited Arizona Food Handler package combo.We also offer Arizona Food Manager Certification at our sister website

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